Deliverers on cloud nine after winning

Cloudy Deliveries staff members in a happy mood after the business won a competition.

A small Langa-based delivery business has received a boost after winning a competition sponsored by a business-services company.

Cloudy Deliveries was started in February by Cloudy Mkosi just before Covid-19 threw the country into lockdown.

The last-mile delivery business uses bicycles to make its deliveries.

Mr Mkosi said they used their prize money of R25 000 to buy a shipping container for storage.

Mkosi, started Cloudy Deliveries with seven run-down bikes.

He now employs 22 people, and the company, which runs seven days a week, is now looking to offer new services, including the delivery of health products.

“I am very excited that our company was selected from hundreds of others who entered the competition,” he said.

Spesres, the competition sponsor, said entrepreneurship was important in a country with such high unemployment.

“We build capacity in unemployed youth to identify local business opportunities and to create their own stream of income. We connect corporate clients with unemployed youth in a way that benefits both,” said regional manager Wim Bezuidenhout

The public can order groceries and take-aways, using Cloudy Deliveries, over the phone or with WhatsApp, and the young delivery men, aged 16 to 19, deliver the goods directly to their doorsteps for a flat rate of R9.

To book a delivery with Cloudy Deliveries, call or send a WhatsApp message to 074 882 0306.