Crossroads clinic resumes its radiography services

Community Health Clinic staff and community members in a jovial mood after the launching of the radiography service.

After five years without an X-ray machine, Crossroads Community Health Clinic launched its new diagnostic radiography service last week.

Facility manager Shirley Abrahams said she was excited that finally they have the radiography service, which will be managed by radiographer Carrone Hartnick.

She said they had had to stop their service when the previous X-ray machine gave them problems because it was outdated. As a result, patients had to go to the clinic in Nyanga to have their X-rays done.

“We are obviously proud and excited to be launching the programme that will see many of our people getting help closer to home. We now have reliable technology which is dependable and will provide quality service to our patients.

“This will obviously make an impact on people’s lives,” Ms Abrahams said.

The radiography unit will operate on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 1pm to 5pm.

“This service is for people to use. The community have been pushing for it. So now it is here. They need to come and use it. But we will also take referrals from doctors and from other clinics that do not have a such service,” she said.

Ms Hartnick reiterated Ms Abrahams’ views, calling on the community to make good use of the facility. “We will be able to see tuberculosis, fractured bones, pneumonia and other things. “It will be vital for people to know that and be aware of the service. Now that it is closer, surely they will be excited and use it,” she said.

Community leader Mthetheleli Mdunduluza, who was accompanied by an entourage of other local leaders, praised the clinic staff for working with them to secure the service. However, he said, there were still a number of services that the facility needed to acquire, and he hoped it could be extended.

“But we only hope this is one of few things to happen at this facility. As the community we feel there is a lot needed but we will meet with the management and staff and get the exact needed things here. “We are grateful and we feel blessed with this service coming back. The staff here worked day and night to see it coming back,” he said.