Create more jobs

Linda Zantsi, Khayelitsha

I used to dislike Tito Mboweni’s attitude during his time as Reserve Bank governor.

In his engagements with investors he seemed to think highly of himself.

Now I agree with Tito, people must have a say in this government.

During Zuma’s era people of this country watched in dismay, dignified ANC members supporting Zuma who was literally destroying the economy of this country.

All what is happening now is a result of that era.

So EFF must leave Pravin Gordhan alone, it is naive to think that what was destroyed in Zuma’s nine years will be fixed in few months by Mr Gordhan. Create jobs, stop poultry imports, re-open textile industries, let foreigners return home peacefully and give back or jobs.

Moreover how do you build a science university without empowering science education at schools?

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