CPF urges community not to destroy assets

Concerned Nyanga residents line up at the corner of Borcherds Quarry and Klipfontein roads to alert motorists about the crime in that spot.

The Nyanga Community Police Forum (CPF) is urging the community to take responsibility for the little resources they have and to stop destroying property during protests.

Despite the busy end of the month, the CPF, Department of Community Safety, police, local leaders and government institutions dedicated Saturday March 2 to a crime awareness campaign, going door to door to engage with Lusaka residents.

With a heavy police presence, the team handed out pamphlets and spoke to people about reporting crime and suspicious activities.

They were asked to stop stoning cars and buses and burning roads, clinics, schools, libraries and other things during service delivery protests.

Motorists were also told to always be vigilant around the notorious Borcherds Quarry and at the Klipfontein Road traffic lights.

Nyanga CPF chairman, Buyisile Makasi, said the campaign would be ongoing.

He said the core issue of the day was to urge particular residents in the informal settlements around the area to stop destroying the little resources they have in the name of service delivery protests.

He said a workshop will be organised to educate residents to act responsibly during protests.

“We are not saying it is wrong for people to protest.

“There’s honestly nothing wrong with that. But do not destroy what we have. If you are agitated with not getting services or an RDP house and resort to protest, please do not burn buses, stone passing cars, burn schools and libraries that we have. Do not attack ambulances and torch trucks. The little that we have is our sole responsibility to to protect. That is our message to our people here.”

Mr Makasi also warned motorists to be vigilant at Borcherds Quarry.

He said they have been warning drivers not to expose their valuables on the seats of their vehicles.

Nyanga police spokesperson, Captain Ntomboxolo Sitshotshi said she was happy that residents are taking a stand against crime.

She said every place should be safe for everyone.

She encouraged residents to report crime and not to take the law into their own hands.

One resident of Lusaka, who would only identify himself as Sizwe, commended the efforts by police and the CPF.

Sizwe said crime is out of hand in the area. He said he hopes that people listen to the message by police.

“You wouldn’t want to stay here. People are killed all the time. Robberies and mugging of people are some of the problems we are facing. I hope for the best,” he said.