‘Covid-19 took my children’

Sindiswa Lugulwana and her only son Mwezi are left with only memories of their beloved twins, Phumeza and Phumla.

Though distraught, the Lugulwana family of Langa were not surprised that their 45-year-old twin sisters died just hours apart because Phumeza and Phumla shared a special bond and near psychic connection.

The twins died from Covid-19 related illnesses earlier this month.

The Lugulwana twins Phumeza and Phumla both died of Covid-19 related illnesses.

Their mother Sindiswa, 70, said when on December 3, Phumla, who was living in Thornton, did not call them in the morning as was the norm, her twin sister could feel something was wrong. She also did not go to work.

“She came to me and said ‘Sindiswa I think something is wrong with Phumla. I wanna go check her’. I told her to go only to find out she was not well. She called me to say Phumla cannot see her and does not even know where she is. This is how connected twins are,” Sindiswa told Vukani.

Mother and son are now responsible for looking after the twins’ children. The Lugulwana family has urged people to stay safe during the time of Covid-19.

Phumla was taken to hospital on that day and lost her life at Rondebosch Private Hospital on January 14. Phumeza got sick on December 28 but lost the fight against Covid-19 at Somerset Hospital on January 13.

The Lugulwana family opened up to Vukani last week Thursday on how they miss their humble, generous, hard working and loving children.

Sindiswa said the news of their death came like “a big punch” to her.

“They are my children that I loved. They were everything to me. It was the hardest thing I ever experienced and never thought I would ever experience. They were loving, bubbly, always happy and joking. But overall, they loved their family, their kids and relatives. Their death has left me confused. It feels like a dream. At times I feel like they will enter through that door with the huge smiles they always possess,” she said.

The twins’ brother Mwezi said after his sisters died he was in a state of frustration and grief. “It seemed like a dream. They were twins who loved each other. Phumla was a businesswoman. She did everything here. We will miss them,” he said.

The big brother will now have the responsibility of looking after the family and their children.

He said ever since the virus began its surge in the province, families and relatives started losing valuable members. “This thing is deadly. Phumla was asthmatic while we are told Phumeza had kidney failure. What is shocking was that the doctors at some point were happy with their development. But suddenly things changed and they passed on. We spoke to them daily and they even video called me on a weekend before their death. It was a blow to us and obviously to many of their friends because they were friendly,” he said.

The Lugulwana family said it has accepted the death but has one important piece of advice to everyone – respect all the Covid 19 protocols.

Phumla left behind her two boys while Phumeza left her twins, a boy and a girl.