Covid-19 causes panic

Nonkosi Vasile

When President Cyril Ramaphosa addressed the nation on Sunday night, the confirmed number of cases of Covid-19 infections in the country was 61.

He warned that numbers would increase in the coming days – and they did.

By the time this edition went to print, there were 112 confirmed cases in South Africa.

In the light of the rapid spread of the virus, Vukani hit the streets, asking people about their understanding of the Covid-19 pandemic and their views on the widespread cancellation of events, closure of schools and not being able to travel amidst the global coronavirus outbreak?

Nonkosi Vasile, from Lower Crossroads said : “I think this virus has caused everyone in our country to live in fear. I am scared and I do everything that we are told to do, like washing my hands regularly, using sanitisers and coughing inside the elbow.

What I fear the most is dying from the virus and leaving my two children behind.

Who’s going to look after them when I’m gone? I think the president made a good decision by closing schools on Wednesday, so we can have our kids safe at home, where we can keep them safe.”

Mthuthuzeli Pato,from Delft, said: “This virus is a big health scare. We need to look after ourselves and take safety precautions. We need to do as we are told by the government and wear masks, even though the president did not say where we can get them. I love shaking hands and touching people and now I have to do the elbow (touch).

Madoda Galada, from Khayelitsha: “The best way I deal with this virus is by doing the elbow greeting and I think it’s not something that will blow over any time soon.”

Zimasa Manyamalala, from Gugulethu: “I hope that they quickly get the cure for it because many people are getting infected by the day. It would also be wise if the state doesn’t let tourists in until we find a way to cure the virus.”

Ayasanga Ben, from Khayelitsha: “I am afraid of this virus, especially here on campus because we use elevators and some learners are ignorant and not as careful as you are. Here on campus they have sanitisers in every corner.” However, HE/SHE added: “I feel that it is so exaggerated because of the videos circulating on social media.”

Elihle Nqwata, from Khayelitsha: I wish that people would be more educated about the virus. People should listen to the news and watch more TV because on the bus, we still find people who cough and sneeze without covering their mouth. The elderly people will not open windows for fresh air because they say it’s cold.”

”I am so scared because we travel… have to go to shopping malls and we work with people every day,” she added.