Concert-goers condem abuse

Children staged a number of plays to mark Youth Day.

With the nation still battling to come to terms with the recent killings of children, Umingonaphakade Educare Centre, in Zwezwe, Kuyasa, marked Youth Day, on Friday June 16, by staging a concert.

The concert was aimed at appreciating children and urging men to stand up against abuse.

Children from different educare centres took part in the concert. Parents and grandparents attended the event to show their support.

Women ululated as children strut through the building.

Founder of the centre, Phumeza Gosani, said the day was aimed at appreciating the children and to give them a platform to showcase their skills.

She said children were the future of the country and needed to be nurtured. Ms Gosani called on men to raise their voice higher and speak out against child abuse.

She said not all men were abusers and killers, but a few had tainted their image.

Ms Gosani said June 16 should be used to tackle the various issues facing the youth, but most importantly, it should also talk about the issues facing the youngest ones.

She said she cried tears of joy when she saw the young ones expressing themselves and had a short prayer.

“My heart bleeds when I hear about the abuse and killings of children. We want to show people that children are the most valuable gift we could ask for from the almighty creator. Children are no longer living their child life and parents constantly need to keep an eye on them because the society we live in today is so cruel,” she said.

Ms Gosani described perpetrators of violence against children as heartless people with no place in society.

Parent Qaqamba Manyuba said she was pleased about the event, saying it was time for the community to come together and protect children.

She said the event also boosted the self-esteem of the children, but most importantly, the event appealed to the community to take better care of children.