Computer donation

Joyce Ngezana, principal of the Thembani Primary School in Langa, received a computer from TraceOnline. The school has more than 1 000 pupils and is very involved in several social, charity and community projects. Ms Ngezana believes that leadership means that you should know the people with whom you work, “having good relationships and listening to the people on the ground”. To assist occupants and tenants renting houses from the City of Cape Town, TraceOnline was also appointed to work in the community by helping people with housing information, collecting housing payments and assisting with the application and submission of the housing indigent grants. Tenants and occupants with enquiries are requested to contact their housing office or TraceOnline at 0861 99 77 77.

Pictured, from left are Chris Layman of TraceOnline, Joyce Ngezana, the principal of Thembani Primary and Mvuyisi Komsana, also of TraceOnline.