Community prays for mothers of addicts

Women in song at the Dorane family home where women prayed for parents with children on drugs.

Addiction is affecting an increasing number of families. And when the Dorane family in Khayelitsha found out that their son was using drugs, their response was confusion.

The Harare family only became aware of their son, Siyasanga’s drug use when he was assaulted, stabbed and stoned in eNdlovini after he was accused of stealing.

The mob also came for 80-year-old mom Noanswer, accusing her of harbouring ipharapha.

As they struggle to come to terms with what has happened, Siyasanga’s sister Asange Koni, decided to organise a prayer gathering for families affected by drugs.

Mostly mothers heed the call and gathered on Easter Monday at the Dorane family’s Harare home, where a number of people took turns asking God to heal society.

“According to my brother’s story, he was taken by a mob in Endlovini who accused him of stealing. They tortured him and stabbed him. But when we later asked him about the drugs, he admitted using them. That was a shock to us. He is in trouble because of drugs. He said he started using them when he was 17. He is 33 now. That is the reason for this prayer,” said Ms Koni.

“We are not running because our brother is on drugs. But the community has no right to do as they want. We also pray that they understand no parent wants to see her/his children on drugs. I personally condemned what happened to my mother,” she said.

Speaking to the gathered crowd Siyasanga’s mother told them how she was assaulted because of what her son had been accused of doing.

“I brutally suffered in the hands of men and women including children because of my son,” she said.

“My clothes and groceries were taken in front of the police. But I did nothing to deserve such brutality. I tried to find out his sin but I was not given a chance. Instead I was insulted and slapped. I am still traumatised,” said Ms Dorane.

She said even when she went to the police station to open the case, she was told to bring the suspect or the name of the person who assaulted her. “I could not open the case at all. The detective has advised me to let it go if I do not know the name of the person who assaulted me,” she said.

Programme director Wendy Ngqoba said they are gathered to lift up parents with addicted children and to ask God to heal the addicts.

Harare police said they were investigating a case of common assault and malicious damage to property after the alleged assault which took place on Monday March 21.

Harare police spokesperson Captain Siyabulela Vukubi said no arrests had yet been made as the complainant allegedly failed to identify or point out who had been involved in the incident. “The case is still under investigation. She just needs to co-operate with the investigating officer. Furthermore if the complainant was assaulted in front of the police and they did nothing to prevent it, she is then advised to lodge a formal complaint at Harare SAPS,” he said

Siyasanga Dorane, a victim of mob justice, shows Vukani the scars he has been left with.
The daughter of Noanswer Dorane, Asange Koni felt a need to organise a prayers for parents who their children are doing drugs.
Community members and representatives of political parties were part of the prayer day.