City must treat the poor with dignity

Mabhelandile Twani, Intlungu yaseMatyotyombeni Movement

On the early hours of last Thursday this movement demanded to meet with the Mayor, of City Cape Town, Dan Plato.

But the mayor collaborated with the Metro Police and SAPS to brutalise and arrest our members. These police applied force on people who were peaceful. Mr Ngindi, who is wheelchair-bound, was a victim of the police who treated him badly and abused him.

Same police arrested about 31 members of the movement.

We are saying the City of Cape Town must take full responsibility of treating black working class people as less than human and using old tactics of the apartheid system.

It became clear to us that the City of Cape Town listens only to rich people. We condemn the brutality and the mayor’s response to our members using the power of police while ignoring our demands.

We still demand water, toilets and electricity. And we still say the City must stop court interdicts against our land occupation.