City clueless about water cuts in Nyanga

Nyanga residents Ntombikhona Rabele showing Vukani a dry tap

Scores of residents in Nyanga were left high and dry when their water supply was cut last Thursday and Friday.

Those who spoke to Vukani claimed they had been unable to bathe for a day and had to seek water in neighbouring areas.

Now residents are demanding to know why their water was cut without warning – or explanation.

Nokuphiwa Menziwa from Nyanga Hostels said her area had no water from Thursday evening until Saturday.

“Most people went to work without bathing.

‘We had washing to do but it was difficult to do so.

‘But the worst was cooking because there was no water,” she explained.

She said when the water came back, it was like “an early Christmas”.

“We remembered that we have buckets to fill, something that we hardly do.

“The fear was that (the water may be turned off) again. It is like this unpredictable electricity problem we have.

“We all know that water is a valuable thing to have, so I appeal to the authorities not to cut it without our knowledge,” she said.

Another resident, Nomava Khepu, said she was concerned about the toilets.

“The disadvantage about modern life is that you have toilets in the house. We could not use the toilets. But this was too much to ask for children.

“The situation was bad. My neighbour told me she ended up letting children relieve themselves in a bucket,” she said.

The City of Cape Town, however, seemed to be clueless about the incident.

When Vukani enquired about it, the City was not aware of water cuts and asked us to send them details of where the water supply had been cut.