Churches donate food to families

Families of Mpetha Square in Nyanga received food parcels from different organisations last Saturday.

Fifty Mpetha Square families were paid an unexpected, but pleasant, visit from the Sacred Heart Church in their area on Saturday September 5.

After visiting and seeing how people struggled to make ends meet, church founder Bishop Dumisani Qwebe started to campaign for food parcels. When he visited the area on Saturday to donate food parcels to families in need, he was joined by representatives of Nyanga police, the Reverend MS Lugongolo Foundation, loveLife, Nyanga Community Policing Forum (CPF), Cesvi and the Answered Prayers Foundation.

Bishop Qwebe said his church was concerned about the growing number of poor people in the area.

He said he included the other groups in his campaign to not only give food parcels to people but to also ensure they were able to offer wide-ranging advice.

“We want them to know where to go when they have problems. We even brought police so that they can speak for themselves,” he told Vukani.

“(As churches), we have a bigger task to provide help, hope, comfort and everything that will make people happy during this time of despair.

“People are hopeless because they have lost jobs and are now vulnerable to anything, even diseases. it is therefore important we reach out to them and give hope. We need to show that we are with them not only at church but by giving something to eat,” he said.

He commended his partners for the good they have done in impoverished areas like Nyanga, Philippi and Samora.

“As churches we have a very important role to play and make sure that people are with us. Our congregants are looking at us for assistance. We stand up and do something. We need to go out and campaign for them if it needs be,” said Mr Qwebe.

Speaking on behalf of the people of Mpetha, local committee member Lucy Kandisa said it was the first time that they had had a gathering where they were addressed by different stakeholders on important issues.

“Mr Qwebe’s contribution to the community has been massive. We thank God for him. This was different to other food donations. People were addressed by even victims and survivors of rape, the police, CPF and churches.

“We now know where to run when there is a problem. Here we have a drug problem. Our children are using drugs like there’s no tomorrow. We also have gender- based violence problems but now we know where to go and report even if the police are taking time,”she said.

She said once restrictions on large gatherings are lifted, the groups should come back and address the masses of Nyanga.