Children not safe

The stretch of road next to Luzuko Primary School in Gugulethu has been upgraded and speed humps erected but the school says there is still no designated space children can be dropped off safely.

Following a number of incidents near Luzuko Primary School in Gugulethu, a speed hump has finally been built at the busy Ngambi Road, formerly NY 4, but the school feels the children are still not safe.

The school and local councillors have been advocating for speed humps on the busy road nearby.

Even though it took time, the humps were built earlier this year, much to the excitement of the school.

However, the school said there should be a sign that warns drivers about the presence of school children and a bay where drivers transporting pupils can safely drop off the children.

The school said they have had enough of speeding motorists who have frequently been a threat to the pupils and teachers of the school.

The school’s concern was also shared by the proportional representation (PR) councillor, Deon Basson.

School principal Noxolo Nonkonyane-Thongo said adding speed bumps to the Ngambi Road, where three pupils have been hit by cars, only solved part of the problem.

“Yes speed bumps were needed, as motorists raced down the road, to avoid accidents. This will just slow the traffic down a little bit but there should be signs that show there are children crossing the roads. Another thing we need is an embankment so that children could be safely dropped off by the school transport. As it stands, the road still poses some threat to our children. Remember the road is mostly used by amaphela (mini-bus taxis) who care less about road rules,” she said.

Mr Basson also feels that the road needs a drop-off bay.

He said cars stand in the way of others when dropping children off and that is dangerous.

Mr Basson has taken it upon himself to now advocate for a drop-off bay.

“We have been asking for the humps but the most important thing now is an embayment. I am talking to the City of Cape Town to fund us. I know it will cost thousands of rands but it is worth it. I have noticed that school cars drop kids in the middle of the road, blocking others. That too is dangerous. Still kids are not safe. We have to protect these children,” he said.

In the meantime, Mr Basson has urged drivers to respect the speed limits and mind children as they cross that road. He has promised to write to the City about the drop-off bay.

Vukani asked the City of Cape for a comment by they did not respond by the time we went to print.