Challenges in technology excite Luvuyo

Site C Silulo Ulutho Technologies staff together with their Mhlekazi, Luvuyo Rani.

If there is one thing that Khayelitsha entrepreneur Luvuyo Rani loves, it is challenges, the world of IT and the job he does at Silulo Ulutho Technologies for the community.

Vukani touched base with him after another successful year in his career where he also accompanied President Cyril Ramaphosa to Davos, Switzerland, for the annual World Economic Forum.

That was around this time last year and since then he has been hard at work to incorporate what he learnt on the trip into his business.

He is looking for ways to include the marginalised into the world of technology and bring skills to township residents.

His vision is to expand the business and open stores in every province.

In an interview with Vukani on Tuesday morning at the Site C branch of Silulo Ulutho Technologies, he said attending the forum made a lasting impact on him.

“This is like I am starting Silulo, what I learnt there made me focus,” he said. In the past few weeks, Mr Rani has been trying to market his business and help school children with donations.

He speaks highly about technology and its potential .

In a changing world, he believes that people need to embrace technology.

He said despite the hype about his business, going to Davos has opened his eyes and he still has more to learn.

“We grew very fast and forget some basics.

“Reality beat us and we are now fixing our foundation. We have three entities now within Silulo where I focus on training and my brother Lonwabo is on business to business and online.

“I no longer go up and down. I am focused,” he said.

With technology being influenced by mobile phones and no longer a need to have a laptop or computer only, Mr Rani likes the innovation of such developments. He said technology changing on daily basis is good for business.

“I am not perturbed at all because you still need to sit down and print documents.

“Yes we are moving to a digital world and that makes me happy.

I would love to see people using their mobile phones usefully. But we will still offer services to them,” he said.

Mr Rani is on a mission to get people to embrace technology.

He said people need to realise how fast the world is changing.

“We are forced to innovate to achieve whatever we want to achieve. I am happy we are breaking ground at our tertiary schools. Our students that we train will now be accredited by the University of the Western Cape. That is a massive achievement,” he said.

He said in the 15 years since Silulo Ulutho Technologies was formed, it has evolved and is continuing to do so. He gives credit to his staff and referred to them as Abahlekazi (gentlemen).