Cawe hit nail on the head

Fanelwa Ngece Ajayi (PhD), Founder and chairperson of AmaQhawe ngeMfundo

The opinion piece “We are a sick Society” (Vukani, October 4) refers.At first glance at the title I was unsure about what the content would be and something in me assumed that it was just another article geared at insulting others.

After reading it I felt that Mr Cawe had hit the nail on the head. Not only has he outlined the social issues faced
by our society, but he has also included important references with regards to areas within the Cape Flats area and across the country highly affected by these social issues.

He is also calling on a higher power to redeem our society and with the same breath he is encouraging his fellow man to seek strength within to assist in curbing these issues.

This piece is one of the best I’ve read in a long time. I am of the same view as Mr Cawe.

Added to this is the fact that as locals we have the duty to be part of the solution and be the servants of change. The manner in which Mr Cawe has written this piece is admirable and I highly encourage him to continue with this craft. We all need a wake-up call and sometimes it takes words for one to do so.