Careers exhibition motivates pupils


Pupils from 22 schools in Khayelitsha had the opportunity to learn about different careers during this year’s annual African Hub Careers Exhibition, hosted by Laphumilanga Youth Development Association, at the Oliver Tambo Hall in Khayelitsha.

The three-day exhibition, which took place from Tuesday April 19 to Thursday April 21, saw the hall’s upper level packed with pupils moving from table to table and asking questions, arming themselves with knowledge.

Laphumilanga director Mthobeli January said the relationship between the Khayelitsha Education Forum, local schools and community leaders, as well as the media, had made the event a reality.

“We all have a role to play in empowering our youth. South Africa will fall if we stop driving this train. (Many) young people are unemployed and need ongoing guidance and motivation to keep going,” he said.

Marketing and communication director of MC Afriq Innovations, Indiphile Bobotyana, who was one of the organisers of the exhibition, said they were excited to give pupils the opportunity to network with stakeholders and service providers from a wide range of sectors.

She said she hoped the event would help pupils understand what service providers were looking for.

However, she said, she had been disappointed that more unemployed people had not supported the event.

“This was not only for pupils but those who have ambitions too. There are people sitting at home, who need work and who could have gained a lot here.

“They should have used this opportunity to get information. This is an eye-opener for many people. It is disappointing that only pupils came here. I believe unemployed youth should have used this opportunity to their advantage. Maybe the message did not filter through to them,” she said.

Pupils remarked that the career exhibition had provided them with excellent exposure to opportunities. Some pupils left the exhibition with their action plans after matric, among them Grade 10 pupil, Reanatsi Leboto, who said: “I came here to listen and did not know what I want to be. But I now want to be a soldier. I think I want to defend the country and its people. A soldier is someone who is brave,” he said.

“I can now advise others about the certain career choices. These people were so helpful. They gave us all they know. They were patient and willing to help,” he said.