Candlelight vigil for slain youths

The Febane community say enough is enough after three youth were killed this year.

The community of the Febane informal settlement, near Nyanga, are picking up the pieces after three people were killed there since the beginning of the year.

Last Wednesday, a candlelight vigil was held where Anda Febana, 26, was killed recently.

Over 100 people gathered at the spot to pay their respects and take a stand against the violence. Speaking to Vukani, some residents said they have been in the area for years and have seen a lot, but never the deaths of three people through the barrel of a gun.

The other two men killed were Sandile Peter, 23, and a man man not from the area in his 50s.

Community leader Nobeka Ngxukuma described the past few days as difficult and painful.

“In a short space of time we have lost three people, all shot at night by people we do not know. We have been living here for close to 40 years now but we have never experienced this.”

She said Mr Febana was a quiet person. “His death has led us to come here and say enough is enough. We light a candle to honour this sacred time of mourning as we grieve the loss of our loved ones,” she said.

Ms Ngxukuma said the deaths of mainly young people is difficult to come to terms with.

She said the community is emotionally disturbed and it was not yet clear what led to the deaths of the youths.

As they sang to church hymns and songs, emotions ran high with family members crying. Mr Febana’s brother, Sizwe Febana, said he had been with his brother shortly before he was shot.

They had just parted ways but as he reached his destination he got a call to say his brother had been gunned down.

“What a shock because I was with him (minutes before). We were not even away but here on the street. I came back to see his lifeless body lying there. He was shot three times.”

He described his brother as a “very quiet guy” and as a gentleman who would not harm a fly.

Residents said the street lights are not working and that allows crime to be committed.

They appealed to the authorities to help them.

Ward 37 councillor Sandile Martin also paid tribute to those who died and promised to assist where he could to find the killers.

The community prayed at the spot of where Anda Febana was shot dead.
The Febana family leading in the candle-lighting ceremony.