Switching off Moja Love

Lwazi Mbethe, Kuyasa

My brief affair with Moja Love channel ends tonight. It’s been two months since my daughter first introduced me to Rea Tsotella, Zodwa and The Village Girls and it was good while it lasted but I feel bloated already.

The channel is just one slugfest of ogling our people’s misery and fatuous existence. It is like what BET has morphed into since it was sold… just mindless entertainment. The unscripted content of Moja Love seemed like a breath of fresh air at the beginning but it all seems the same after a while. It’s like eating junk food; you think you’re full when there’s no nutritional value whatsoever. The reality TV genre has lost the plot all round, not just on Moja Love, which is the reason I don’t watch the endless cooking and wedding shows.

The Village Girls is one mess about nonentities pretending to be living it up while setting wrong values such as promiscuity and debauchery.

Rea Tsotella seems like a conflict resolution programme at first but it’s just more cheap entertainment at the expense of township folk.

Bye Moja Love. The channel will not miss me, judging by its popularity in a short time, but I got better things to fill my time. I’ll peek in from time to time when I’m with family who seem interested but will pass when I have the remote control. In fact, apart from my soccer and TV news, there’s nothing for me on DStv.