Brand-new uniforms for 50 pupils

Teachers and pupils in a happy mood after receiving uniform donations from the SA Social Security Agency.

Pupils, parents and their teachers at Ntwasahlobo Primary School, in Site B, Khayelitsha, were delighted when their school received a donation of new school uniforms from the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA).

About 50 children each got a package with a school uniform, a school bomber jacket, socks and underwear.

Most of the school’s pupils are from homes depending only on social grants and as a result came to school without proper uniforms.

Ntwasahlobo principal Sam Sehloho could not hide his joy as they received the packages and urged the children to take good care of the uniforms.

“We are a school based in a very poor community. We all know the rate of unemployment in the country. Our children depend on social grants. So the truth is that not everyone can afford to buy a school uniform,” said Mr Sehloho.

“Sure this gesture will help keep themfocused on their school books. The uniform will also bring discipline to them. On behalf of their parents, I am truly grateful. Now it is going to be even easier and better to identify our children,” he added.

He said the school was in the process of trying to build a rugby field that would also be made available to neighbouring schools.

Sassa assistant manager in Khayelitsha, Freddie Sidali, said one of the key roles of the agency was to assist the destitute and that the agency had allocated R2 000 a child to cover their school needs such as shoes, socks, uniforms, underwear, and jackets.

“We sit down with school principals and ask them to identify those who are really in need. We normally ask for 100 kids for a school but for Intwasahlobo we allocated 50. This is another form of help that we provide as Sassa,” he explained.

He said the agency has helped many schools and is continuing to do that.