Borehole brings relief to Impendulo

Children at Impendulo Primary School were happy to see a borehole at their school.

There was joy and elation as a borehole was sunk by the Gift of the Givers Foundation at Impendulo Primary School in Makhaza last Thursday, March 22.

The school has been battling with the tough restrictions during the drought so the borehole was a welcome relief for them and residents in the surrounding community who will also be able to access its water.

Many pupils at the school live in poverty and cannot afford to bring a bottle of water to school for their use.

The pupils, teachers and residents applauded as they saw the water being pumped from the ground for the first time during a demonstration that was open to the public.

Teachers had to stop the excited children from getting wet in the spray.

Gift of the Givers Foundation said they were bringing life, education and hope to the people of Khayelitsha.

According to the organisation’s provincial co-ordinator, Ali Sablay, the water will soon be treated and ready for drinking.

This is the second school in Khayelitsha where they have sunk a borehole.

Soyisile Primary School in Site B was the first beneficiary in the area.

He said they were planning on helping other schools too.

Mr Sablay said as much as the school is going to benefit from the borehole, the community can also enjoy it.

“The borehole of 35 metres down pumps 72 000 litres per hour. That’s 1 728 000 litres per day. The pump and filtration mechanism will be installed in the coming weeks.

“The community will also be benefiting of the borehole as Gift of the Givers will be installing additional taps on boundary of school for the community to collect drinkable water.”

Impendulo Primary School caters for 1 350 pupils and principal Zuziwe Mputa said they were grateful for the generosity of the organisation.

She said the threat of Day Zero had been haunting the school but that is now a thing of the past. “But we will still save water,” she said.

“We have taught our children to save water. They are very much aware why water should be saved. But this gift of life came to us as a surprise. We do not know how the organisation knew about us or recommended us but we are grateful,” Ms Mputa added.

Ms Mputa was happy that the community would also benefit from the borehole.

Community leader and Amaxesibe Traditional Council spokesman, Zolile Feni, who attended the event, said the borehole is a great achievement for the school. “This is so profound and this will serve its profound purpose. The fact that they have extended this to the community means a lot. It is going to be a symbol of love and sharing. But again shows the kind of leadership the school has. I wish all schools can have such a dedicated and united staff,” said Mr Feni.

The school said it cannot wait to start using the water.