Bloody deaths in KTC

Ncedisa Ntyontyo lost her son, Kwanele.

Ncedisa Ntyontyo was at home doing chores when she heard people shouting outside.

When she opened the door she was told that her beloved son Kwanele, 17, had been taken to KTC Day Hospital by his friends after he was stabbed.

She had hopes that he would make it but little did she know that he was already dead.

The 49-year-old mother’s story is similar to that of another two families who also lost their sons on that frightening night in KTC last Thursday, June 6.

Three young school-going children were killed in what were believed to be gang-related fights.

But, police have denied they were gang-related.

“I was told his friends had to carry him to the hospital after the incident. Somebody told me before his death, a group of Barcelona boys came to taunt them. I am told the KTC boys had to run around their area but were caught at some point and stabbed to death,” said the sobbing mother.

Kwanele’s two friends Luvuyo Manyathela and Kwanele Jacobs, both also aged 17, were found dead at the NY5 Cemetery.

It is said the two teens had been drenched in blood from the chest down.

Ms Ntyontyo said the news of her son’s death would haunt her for years.

The community of KTC and Gugulethu are now searching for answers after the boys were stabbed to death.

It is alleged that groups from the two sides of Gugulethu are fighting for territory.

According to the residents in these areas, there has been on-going gangsterism for years with no forthcoming solutions.

People said fights between young people have been happening for a long time.

However, community organisations and concerned residents are holding emergency meetings to discuss the fights.

Led by the South African National Civic Organisation (SANCO), residents said they no longer want to sit back and watch this happen again.

Speaking to Vukani after the unfortunate tragedy, Sanco secretary Lumkile Msila condemned the ongoing gang violence, saying the community is distraught.

The organisation has also extended its heartfelt condolences to the families, friends and colleagues of those who were killed.

He said the community is disturbed at the continued killings and murders of young people.

“We are not happy as a community at all. We are up and down seeking answers because this thing has been happening for too long now. The continuing shameless killing of children, by children should be stopped. It should not continue unabated. This is a clear message that young people disrespect the community. Look at the devastating effects it has on the families of the dead. These are young, future leaders,” he told Vukani.

He said gang violence remains a matter of concern for everyone in the area including the police.

Mr Msila said meetings with police are continuing and hopes they will bare fruit.

“The sooner we get solutions, the better. We are forced to take a stand on the matter as some of the boys from the KTC area allegedly went over into Gugulethu and smashed the windows of certain homes of their rivals. Young people are dying and the community must also work with police. People need to be reminded that these are our own kids so we need to do something,” he said.

He added that Sanco have met with some parents at the police station and they vowed to do something about the problem. However, Gugulethu police spokesperson Colonel Cyril Nkuna denied that the killings are gang-related. He said after investigation they found out that they boys boys were killed by two unknown men. He said according to their witness, the two men alleged that the boys had robbed them. “We are told the two men were not even of their age. We have met the community leaders to clarify that. But investigations are continuing,” he said.

There have been no arrests as yet.