‘Blacks are not xenophobic’

Simphiwe Peter, Cape Town

Black South Africans are not and will never be xenophobic.

It is a shame and pity that our own government due to lack of political analysis and economic will is now calling us, black South Africans, xenophobic.

There is no way that we can be carelessly and loosely characterised as xenophobic.

For many years, before and after forced removals we shared and lived in peace and harmony with Africans from Malawi, Mozambique, Angola, Zimbabwe, Lesotho and Swaziland, to name but a few. Our fathers and mothers can attest to that. Every township street, every mine and school are a testimony to the fact that we have always lived side by side with our African brothers and sisters.

I therefore disagree with our liberal media and neo-liberal ANC government on the narrative that South Africans, in particular black South Africans, are xenophobic.

Black South Africans are victims of mismanagement, poor governance, lack of security and non-existence of the rule of law.

The recent unrest is as a result of failure to secure our borders, corrupt politicians, a lenient criminal justice system, corrupt public servants and law enforcement officials.

It is a fact that after 1994 the influx and illegal immigrants has put us and the country in a compromising situation. Government must stop turning a blind eye in this scourge of drugs, human trafficking, woman-based violence, unemployment, high rate of gun-related killings (both provincial and national statistics are a proof of this).

As we speak, the greedy capitalist white business people are overlooking black South Africans thus preferring other nationals as their employees.

Cheap labour that is not unionised always results in more profit for the greedy employers. The white capitalist is so quick to get rid of us black South Africans in favour of the unfortunate immigrants, with the government being the supplier for this workforce.

These are causes and a simple recipe for confrontation. Look at supermarkets and restaurants and the hospitality industry in general, the construction industry and farming. Where is the Department of Labour, when we are being economically sidelined so the rich can get richer?

We demand not just equal opportunities from the above mentioned employment sectors but preference.

We as black people say to the government of the ANC and DA stop setting us up to fight each other for crumbs.

Be a government of the people who voted you into power, protect us from the known drug lords, protect us from human trafficking syndicates, protect our borders, protect us from cheap labour, protect us from illegal guns, protect our sisters and mothers from abuse and cruelty perpetuated by evil men, defend us don’t persecute us.

You (government) should apologise to us first for failing us. We liberated this country to be free, not to be slaves to criminals. We are witnessing black on black violence as a result of poor governance, ignorance and hypocritical rulers who are hiding behind high walls and security.

Let me reiterate, we are being set up to solve what the rulers of Convention for a Democratic South Africa (Codesa) can’t solve.

Until this government, take us seriously criminals will triumph.