Battle lines drawn

Soldiers from different units across the country competed against each other at the 9 South African Infantry Battalion Base in Khayelitsha last week. The top achievers were selected to compete against members of the navy and the air force.

A senior solider takes a breather before having to push a heavy truck tyre.
After some needed time to regain strength, he kept pushing.
Her team mates from the same unit kept motivating her to not give up now.
Soliders battle for top positions.
From battling for top position, to getting down on the ground.
These were some of the obstacles they needed to overcome
The women soldiers get ready to flip tyres.
You have done it before suerly you could do it, this was the message from his colleagues
Up you go
…and down to the ground.
Piece of cake
One of the oldest soldiers was hard at it.
Giving up is not an option.