Avid reader marks milestone

Lindiwes mother Katey Mamfengwana next to her, on Lindiwes right is her aunt Anna Genu and elder of the family, Gxakushane Mayekiso.

Doctors once declared that Lindiwe Mamfengwana would not make it to the age of 9 after she was badly beaten on the head when she was 2 years old.

Affectionately known as Malindy, her family kept praying for her even though she struggled to keep up with her peers.

However, despite all the odds stacked against her, Malindy celebrated her 50th birthday with family and friends on Saturday April 27.

The family said they now believe that miracles do happen and hosted a party to celebrate with Malindy.

In fact, many of those who came to wish her on Saturday afternoon couldn’t help but shed a tear at hearing the story of her life.

But some family members said these were also tears of pure joy because the day was one of the happiest of Malindy’s life.

Her mother Katey Mamfengwana was amo ng the happiest for her daughter to reach 50.

“It is a milestone. That is why her sisters decided to throw this party. This is an unbelievable day for all of us.

“This is the day we never expected. But with God all things are really possible. I am the happiest to see this day,” she told Vukani

Malindy is an avid reader of Vukani and was overjoyed to meet the people behind the paper on her birthday.

Her aunt Anna Genu said reading Vukani provides therapy for her.

“She has her corner where she packs the publications.

“No one touches there or tries to take a paper out.

“That is why we decided that she must see the people behind the paper,” Ms Genu said.

When Vukani revis ited her on Monday April 29 to shower her with gifts, she was over the moon.

Vukani’s Pearl de Ruck was there to do the honours.