Author writes to ’decolonise minds and souls’

Imboni uZwelezwe Radebe signing his newly-released book, Revelation of Imboni.

Author and church leader Imboni uZwi-Lezwe Radebe has released a book for children called Revelation of Imboni.

In this book, Imboni uZwilezwe shares with the children, the journey of his calling from childhood to becoming Imboni (prophet) as it is known today.

His intentions are that you relate to him as a child and understand that, just like any child, he was once young with dreams and ambitions and by the guidance of his parents, his ancestors, the angels and uMfihlakalo (Creator), he had to become the person that he now is.

Talking to Vukani at Century City where he signed the book for hundreds of children, he said through this series of children books, he hopes to put across the messages of the ancestors, of the guardian angels and of uMfihlakalo through to the young ones.

He said another reason he wrote this book was that many black people had lost direction by abandoning their practices, customs, cultures and traditions.

“We are a lost nation. We were cut from our own cultures. We don’t have a religion but we have spirituality. We have another problem with kids at schools today. Those who practise African traditions and cultures are abused by other children who are from homes who practise Western traditions and cultures,” he said.

He is determined to find ways to keep black children connected to their culture – but also wants to encourage adults to engage with traditional knowledge and “decolonise their minds”.

The book is available at all Exclusive Books Stores.

Parents from as far as Khayelitsha, Mfuleni, Nyanga, Langa and Philippi came to get the book and meet the Imboni uZwelezwe Radebe.
Hundreds of children flocked to Century City to get themselves the book by Imboni uZwilezwe Radebe.