Apostle prayer for the youth

Parents and children listened attentively as words of wisdom were shared.

With the festive season in full swing, Crossroads community activist Apostle John Sawutana held a powerful and moving one-hour prayer session for the youth in Philippi on Monday December 17.

The prayer session was combined with educational awareness and was aimed at urging youngsters to make wise life choices, especially during the festive season.

The youth were warned to stay away from drugs and alcohol and parents were urged to know at all times where their children were.

Mr Sawutana said the aim of the prayer day was also to appeal to God to intervene and provide guidance.

He said this was the time that parents needed to be on top of their parenting game because criminals were ready to pounce at any time.

“We don’t know want to hear that young girls had been kidnapped in this festive season. Ideally it would be good if the children could be home by 7pm. The gates must be closed before 9pm.

“We want our youth to enjoy the festive season responsibly. We can’t tolerate young people who are gambling with their future because of ill behaviour in this festive season,” he said.

Social worker, Nosiphiwo Nomabhunga, said such events provided a platform for them to speak to the hearts of the youth so that they did not make uninformed decisions.

Ms Nomabhunga said the youth should be responsible about their lives and urged parents to be good role models for their children.

Parent Sindiswa Mahlati said the festive season was often marred by the death or injury of young people who had acted irresponsibly in the name of having a “nice time.

Zintle Galeni, 17, said such sessions helped young people make informed decisions and stay away from things that were not adding value to their lives. She appealed to her peers not spend their time in taverns.