Airport name change

Nyameko Sinandile, Khayelitsha

Rename Cape Town International Airport after Professor Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe in line with the uplifting of the African identity.

The name of Cape Town International Airport should change to Robert Sobukwe International Airport.

It is fitting to honour this leader of the African soil. Most importantly in the context of Pan Africanism, African Nationalism, Black Consciousness, African Renaissance, African identity and continental unity.

It will be remarkable for our visitors and international friends to feel at home when they enter through Robert Sobukwe International Airport.

I propose this name because of the passion, determination and devotion of Sobukwe in the Struggle.

He sacrificed to put an end to colonialism, exploitation and imperialism.

Sobukwe died speaking only one language – total emancipation of the African people. Sobukwe died fighting against apartheid, colonialism, bureacratic capitalism, semi-feudalism on the land, neo-colonialism, and imperialism.

Sobukwe fought against laws like the Land Act, Pass Law Act, Mines Act, Labour Recruitment Act, Civilised Labour Policy Act, Factory Act, Wage Act, Bantu Education Act, and Group Areas Act.