A day of fun for children


They are adorable, dynamic, loving and keep families happy and united.

At times they can be handful, nagging but still very likeable. Last Friday, May 27, children from all over Khayelitsha got together to have fun, run, sing, draw and learn indigenous games all in the name of World Play Day. Even if it was just for a day, it was their time to shine.

The pre-schools were all invited by Sikhula Sonke, is a non-profit organisation that supports eight Khayelitsha Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres by training practitioners how best to take care of children in ECD centres.

Family centre motivator at Sikhula Sonke Early Childhood Development, Winkie Cebisa, said all the games and activities were aligned to what they wanted to achieve.

She said the organisation had invited more than 800 children from 20 ECD centres and others from six Sikhula Sonke outreach programmes.

Ms Cebisa said they decided to invite children mostly from Harare and Monwabisi Park ECD centres since the organisation’s offices are based in Harare.

She said her organisation work with all ECD centres in Khayelitsha.

She added that the day allowed children from all the pre-schools the freedom to just be children.

“This was to allow them a space to showcase what they have, play and have fun but mostly to learn different things they do not know. That is why we brought back all the indigenous games.

“We want them to experience the past and present. They should understand things through play,” she said.

“We have pre-school from as far as Site C, eNkanini, Mfuleni, Site B, Harare and eNdlovini,” said Ms Cebisa.

“This was not an easy event to organise but we pulled it off for our children.

“We have designed the day in such a way that children will feel free.

“It makes us proud and happy to see children so excited,” she said.

The event took place ahead of the start of Child Protection Week, which runs from May 29 to June 5.

Ms Cebisa said for this reason, some of their programmes run on the day, were focused on child protection.

Teacher and parent, Lelethu Dingiswayo, added that happy children are likely to put a smile on the faces of grumpy parents.

“They all look excited to be here. This is a big day for them. They are out there and not in their cocoon at the pres-schools,” she said.

Sikhula Sonke said more activities of this nature are in the pipeline for Khayelitsha ECDs.