A day of fun and learning for Makhaya children

Mbali James, Asenathi Mzamo, founder of Edyardini Community Development,Iris Busakwe, Alwande Maduna, Asanda James and Ijeoma Ugo all excited as they bake scones.

Edyardini Community Development in Makhaya, Khayelitsha, was a hive of activity when an internet provider handed out party packs and donated baking ingredients on Wednesday July 5.

There were smiles galore as some children showed off their dancing skills while others were busy in the kitchen baking scones.

With many children having ample time on their hands during the school holidays, Edyardini Community Development aims to provide a platform to empower them with various skills.

Edyardini Community Development founder, Iris Busakwe, could not contain her excitement about the donation.

She said all she does is provide a safe space and environment for children so they can reach their full potential.

She said in these days young girls are raped and killed while boys are easily lured into drug addiction and criminal activity and therefore her organisations aims to derail them from such involvement.

She said she hopes the children appreciate every little donation made because it aims to make their lives better.

“I have no intentions at all of making money out of this but my intention is to ensure that each child that comes through our door leaves as a better person.

“My only hope is to see these children in years to come having organisations such as these extending a helping hand. My principle is to never look down on anyone unless you are going to extend a helping hand,” she said.

One of the children who attend the programme, Ijeoma Ugo, said they learn how to cook and have learnt to share with those who are less fortunate and not treat them in a way that makes them feel small.

She said she feels lucky to be part of this programme as it has boosted her self esteem and confidence.

Another girl from the programme, Mbali James, said they are taught dancing, reading and writing and she feels privileged and proud to be part of this programme. She said she now bakes for her parents at home.

Activations manager at TOOMUCH wifi, Mzukisi Mpingose, said they provide free internet access to various communities in the province, including at Edyardini Community Development so that children can do their school work.

“We want to be part and parcel of shaping our communities. These days internet is equally important as having a loaf of bread, we must therefore find ways in ensuring that we do the little that we can in supporting NGOs with free internet,” he said.

There were smiles galore when children from Edyardini Community Development learnt how to bake.