Joy as Velokhaya gets donation of bicycles

Local cyclists were overjoyed when the De Beers Group delivered 100 bicycles to the Velokhaya centre in Khayelitsha last week.

The company was celebrating World Safety Day with more than 1000 employees helping to assemble the bikes on the day.

Velokhanya manager, Sipho Mona-Lekoma said he was very excited about the donation and further thanked the company.

“The company has given three different types of bikes from kiddies bikes, to commuter and mountain bikes which will energise the current programmes and help boost the lack of bikes in the respective disciplines,” he said.

Velokhaya uses cycling to involve children living in marginalised communities in a positive after-school activity, which builds their self-esteem and keeps them away from the social ills prevalent in their communities, such as gangsterism, crime and substance abuse.

“Our aim is to use cycling to grow champions on and off the bike; this is because sport gives young children the skills and opportunities they need to make a success of their lives – skills such as commitment, determination, dedication, teamwork and how to win and lose,” he added.