Zolisa motivating through music

Zolisa’s album Nxasi semthandazweni provides inspiration.

Mfuleni’s traditional gospel singer Zolisa Mfecane hopes to inspire change through his music.

Zolisa spent a lengthy time in hospital battling meningitis at the age of 11. Doctors gave his mom little hope of recovery after he was left completely paralysed.

But his mom strongly believed God will perform a miracle to heal her son and Zolisa recovered.

Today Zolisa has recorded his own CD, Nxasi semthandazweni.

The singer, who is on a mission to share his story, is proud to release a CD with seven songs.

Chatting to Vukani he explained his reasons behind going to events and motivating young people.

Talking about the tragedy, he said God has been behind him. However things have never been easy. “I was not born a singer. But one day I was praying and during that prayer I was shown a house in Malibu. When I went to this house, it was a house of a professional producer, Andrew Petersen. I sang a song and he told me I am a singer. This is how I started to sing,” he said.

He believes that the Lord has really restored faith in him and faith in people he has interacted with.

The rising star said things were coming together and he is going far.

“The people I am sharing my pain with get so motivated. I have gone through hardship in life but as I said, here I am today singing and praising the Lord through song. I am trying very hard to inspire change in people’s hearts and minds. People need to know what God can and will never abandon nor forsake them,” he said.

When asked how she felt when entering the studio to cut his first album, he said: “I could not believe that it was me. I even told one guy that stays next to me the other day that I think the Lord has too much for me. But I am not complaining,” he said.

He plans to visit most schools to share his story.

“We are all survivors of something. That needs to stick in people’s minds. I want people, especially the young ones, to be inspired to stand up with whatever is challenging them,” said Zolisa.

Zolisa Mfencane is proud to have defied all odds and cut his first gospel album.