Sdala’s Umjolo makes waves

Sdala B and Paige at Maphindis Restaurant in Nyanga last Thursday.

Bongani Dadaza, otherwise known as Sdala B, who is making waves in the music industry, performed in Nyanga with fellow muso Pretoria Paige last week.

Sdala, from Mpumalanga, has had some success with his first single Ghanama (Umjolo uyanyisa).

“This is Makhadzi song but we thought let us do a Zulu version. It took us by surprise. Everybody from your gogo to the little kid seems to like it. Few days after it was released it went gold. What a surprise,” he said.

Sdala remembers that he first fell in love with music when he was very young. As a child, the only thing he could think of was becoming a musician.

He dropped out of high school to seek greener pastures in Gauteng and it was there that he met up with a friend with whom he composed and sang before becoming a full-time professional musician.

“I am excited about my first single doing so well. We are both excited. I cannot stop smiling every time I think about where we come from,” he said.

He said listening to other South African musicians and comparing music in different genres had helped him discover his own voice and talent.

His music collaborator, Pretoria, said she was also pleasantly surprised how well their song had done. While she has been singing since a very young age, she advised aspiring musicians to focus on getting an education first.

“I know it sounds insane. But it is always good that young and aspiring musicians study and get education. Even if it isn’t a degree, as a singer you need to know how to read and sign contracts. This industry is cruel,” she said.

She shared with Vukani that she has performed back-up vocals for well-known musicians like Reverend Benjamin Dube, Joyous Celebrations and many more.

“I was given a chance to sing and perform at different events including churches and weddings. I used to love singing and I still do. With this project I want to thank the fans, people that love our music,” she said.

Paige flanked by the back-up vocalists, twins, Prudence and Bridget Maila