Reza Khota Quartet to set jazz scene alight

Reza Khota

The Reza Khota Quartet will perform at the next Jazz in the Native Yards gig on Sunday October 25, at Kwa Sec NY 138 no. 52 Gugulethu at 4pm.

The quartet features Khota on guitar, saxophonist Buddy Wells, Nicholas Williams on piano and drummer Jonno Sweetman.

The event is supported by Concerts SA in collaboration with the Gugulethu-Seaboard CAN Partnership, one of Cape Town’s first inter-neighbourhood responses to the pandemic. Five percent of ticket sales will be donated to the Gugulethu-Seaboard CAN which has supported 2 000 of Gugulethu’s most vulnerable households through food vouchers, community kitchens, gardens, and the delivery of water, soap and protective gear.

The Reza Khota Quartet will play original compositions by Khota. Tickets are R100. To book, call 060 960 8935.

The Reza Khota Quartet will also play a show at the Penny Lane Studios, which will be live-streamed, on Sunday November 15, at 7pm. Tickets are R100 each. Book online here.