Reggae is a cultural treasure

Reggae singer and the driving force behind black language and history through music, Maveriq real name Mavo Jikazo, is moving up top.

Khayelitsha has a reggae musician by the name of Maveriq whose new single Izinyembezi zam is very well worth buying and listening to.

Maveriq, whose real name is Mavo Jikazo, is not only an artist but a teacher too.

If there’s anyone who can give us an inside scoop on black life, culture, respect and background it is his music.

The singer sings in vernacular on all his songs and he is composing his own songs.

After a long break in performing, Maveriq brings you his latest single, Izinyembezi Zam featuring Samkelo Siba, from the album, Izinyembezi Zam produced by his company, Events and Moments.

The single is co-released by the company, Positive Mindset Artforms and backed by the internationally renowned group, Azania Band, with a concept of compiling 12 artists around the world singing upon one rhythm. The single is a chapter one version of such. The single was released on October 15, 2020 and is available for download from major digital platforms only.

Izinyembezi Zam’s official music video was released on December 2, 2020 (available from YouTube), courtesy of SAM Pictures.

The single delivers an energy that translates black people’s struggles. The dub is par excellence.

Giving an update on the progress he has made on the third album, Maveriq said out of the many songs he has done, the album is the best studio album.

He rated his friend, colleague and fellow artist who feature on the album, Samkelo Siba, very highly. He said he has played a huge role in compiling the album.

For those who love indigenous languages and the revival of black consciousness, Izinyembezi Zam is recommended. The album does not only deal with historical events and past black leaders but also deals with Covid and gangsterism. Maveriq is respectful of the virus after it took his friend Eric Thembani.

Since the release, he has been on the rise and the single has been nominated for the South African Music Awards, which could lead to even more success. The album consist of other songs like Ngcambundini Yenkohlakalo (featuring Samkelo Siba and Linomtha) Khumbula and Nto kaNatsi. It is available on all digital platforms.