Nyoni releases album

The multi-talented maskandi artist, Mxolisi Brilliant Jali, known as Nyoni-Emhlophe has released his latest 14-track album titled Umahosha Wendoda.

The 34-year-old began his music journey in the early 90s playing a concertina for well known maskandi veteran Phuzekhemisi and under his leadership and guidance, has released six albums so far. He said growing up in a family that predominantly listened to maskandi music was the determining factor for choosing to pursue this kind of music.

Not only that, he said, his father was a very talented man who despite being able to sing and play the guitar well, did not become a professional musician.

He said for years he worked with Phuzekhemisi learning all that he needed to learn about the industry before he took a decision to release his own solo albums.

Talking about his latest offering, he said his distinct sound and rhythm was what he believed set him apart from other maskandi artists. And, joking, he said he wouldn’t be surprised if one of the songs from the album was named song of the year.

He said he mainly writes songs about issues that were affecting the country and maskandi music gave him a platform to get his message across while using a language which he was comfortable with.

“This album brings new sound in the industry. When I release an album I want people to connect with the songs and the message contained.

I want my album to bring hope and joy in their hearts. I don’t write songs that swearing or attack other musicians. This album is a must have.

“I’m currently promoting this album nation wide. My music caters for all. I don’t sing for certain people. I want to see my brand growing and have my own clothing label just like other musicians. I want to inspire other young artists who are battling to make it — that perseverance and patience was the key to success,” he said.

Talking about challenges, he said in these days fighting among musicians was commonplace and cited a lack of bookings as another factor that demotivated many artists. He urged artists to get an education before pursuing music as a career to avoid finding themselves signing contracts they did not understand.