New Brenda Fassie movie on the cards

Nearly 15 years since she passed away, one of South Africa’s most renowned and celebrated musicians, Brenda Fassie, is to be remembered when a movie about her life is shot and released in the coming months.

Although there is no specific date and location, London-based film and TV production company Showbizbee announced last week that the movie will be filmed around Cape Town and Johannesburg, next month.

The film, which is written and directed by Edward Shaw, will premier at cinemas during the year.

Showbizbee will be working with Fassie Records as well as Legaci Nova on the movie.

Born in Langa, in November 1964, Brenda Fassie, popularly known as MaBrrr, shot to stardom with songs such as Weekend Special, Too late for mama, Nomakanjani and Memeza. She also produced Black president, a hit dedicated to the late Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s first black president.

However, she was at times surrounded by a lot of controversy.

She died in May 2004, at the age of 39, leaving behind her only son, Bongani.

The movie will focus on a young and determined Brenda who left Langa and moved to Soweto to pursue her dream to be a musician.

In a statement released to the media, Showbizbee announced that it would be starting a “search for Brenda” with open auditions, for all South Africans across the country.

“This initiative essentially, will give the opportunity for any female across the country to apply for this challenging and honourable role for the movie,” they said.

Bongani said he was looking forward to playing a role in a movie about his mother’s life.

“My mother Brenda has been surrounded by controversy in her life and even after her death. It is with great excitement that we have partnered with Showbizbee Productions to make the Brenda Fassie movie for box office release in 2018.

“I am particularly eager to participate in the production so that the real story of my mom comes alive to the people of South Africa and the world,” he said.

Brenda was renowned across the country and the world, with most of her albums becoming multi-platinum sellers in the country, with Memeza the best-selling album in 1998.