New app to help artists

The NaTe App team are ready to rock the world.

Anathi Mkafu a young South African artist based in Nyanga has decided to try new ways to get his product to his fans.

Instead of using established platforms he has launched his own mobile app. Called NaTe, the app was launched on Friday June 25 as an artwork and clothing distribution platform and is believed to be the first such application to be developed in Gugulethu.

Mr Mkafu also intends to work with other artists to find new ways to sell and distribute their work.

Most of his creations involve painting on denim and taking and editing photos for Instagram and the websites.

He said he has been able to build relationships with both local artists and international artists so that his work can go global. As the world continues to grow, expand and innovate, he is excited that he will be able to reach more fans and engage with them directly through the app.

“My biggest passion aside from creating is interacting with fans and ordinary people that follow me. I want t people to get my artworks. Going around the country and other places has opened my mind, allowed me to experience new cultures, and gave me the opportunity to see the artworks,” he said.

In 2018 he established Nate Art through which he and his team customise clothes by painting and drawing realistic pictures on them. “I am first and foremost a creator. I paint, draw, take photos, edit photos, write, and anything else that falls under creating,” he said.

Nyanga artist Anathi Mkafu during the launch of his mobile application in Gugulethu.