Magnet releases new maskandi album

Magnet wants to cement his name in the maskandi industry.

Growing up in a village where traditional music was the most favoured genre played a vital role in influencing Samkelo Kati, known as Magnet, to become a maskandi musician.

The 30-year-old has just released his first album titled Kiss Kiss and it has already been receiving airtime on the radio. Magnet was born and raised in Engcobo.

The Philippi-based musician has faced countless challenges in his musical journey and many times thought of abandoning his dream of pursuing a career in music.

It was his passion and love for music that gave him the strength to overcome the obstacles and served as his daily motivation to keep on working tirelessly. Magnet says in this album he poured his heart out and his lyrical content talks about love and the daily challenges that people often face in their lives.

But most importantly, he says the album seeks to bring hope and motivation to those who listen to it. He is confident that this album contains a number of hit songs.

He says it is unique from other albums, starting with the rhythm and how the songs are written.

He says some of the songs came to him in dreams.

So far, says Magnet, he has been bombarded by messages of support from people who have bought the album.

Some of his fans say it has changed their lives.

Talking about his musical journey, he says in 2011 he attempted to release his first album but things did not work out. This was a knock to his confidence but he decided to use this setback as a learning curve and continued to hone his musical skills.

He decided to write some songs in the meantime and remained hopeful that the right time for him to release an album would come; it was all up to God to show him the way.

He says the album has helped him make a name for himself in the highly contested and competitive genre.

He described it as one of the most difficult genres to break into.

“My music is unique from others. I’m in this industry to make a name for myself. My lyrical content hopes to inspire and motivate people. I don’t insult people in my music. But I want to cement my name. I want to be a beacon of hope to many young people in the Eastern Cape to show them that they should not be afraid to chase their dreams,” he said.

Magnet says perseverance and patience are the key ingredients for success.

He says he plans to release an album next year but he first wants to promote this album.

Talking about his long-term plans, he says he wants to expand his brand into clothing and he has other big ambitions.