Jongi releases first solo album

Jongi Magaba

Langa-based artist Jongi Magaba, affectionately known as Jongi in gospel circles, has released his first solo album titled Jeremiah 1 verse 5.

The 12-track album has already received airplay on local and national radio stations.

The 34-year-old started his music journey 14 years ago with his long-time friend, Sihlanu Tshaka.

Since then they have released five albums.

However, it was through the release of the album Makabongwe in 2010 that they made a name for themselves in the highly competitive industry.

However, Magaba says due to personal issues he decided to take a break from the music scene in 2017, using the time to rediscover himself and allowing God to pave a way for him.

Magaba said the album contains worship, praise and the traditional gospel rhythm. He believes that God blessed his album hence it has been well received.

Magaba said gospel music provides him with a platform to spread the word of God and his love. Producing the album, however, was not an easy job, he said.

He felt the pressure of working alone, and felt he didn’t have anyone in his corner – but he drew strength from God’s teaching and words.

Magaba also admits that he was nervous about how people would receive his solo album, taking into consideration how they loved and supported him while he was still singing with Sihlanu.

“I believe that the gift that God gave us was not only for us but is to use to uplift others as well. We must use this gift to help to grow his Kingdom. I believe that others were brought on earth to serve us with their skills.

“Money is not everything and it runs out sometimes but the love never does.

“So we must never do things because we are after money. There is healing in this album and I don’t say that lightly,” he said.