Gospel singer spreads joy through music

Onke Jalambas new album.

The outspoken Onke Cwenga Jalamba from Khayelitsha has released his second gospel album titled Umelusi Uyazazi Ezakhe.

The 30-year-old former gospel presenter at Radio Zibonele says winning a Gospel Community Radio Presenter award at the Ingoma Awards in 2017 inspired him to enter the music industry and release his first album, Akalilibale Idinga, in 2018.

Jalamba says his first album officially introduced him to the gospel fraternity as a gospel artist.

He says the amazing support he has received proves that he is on the right path and serves as encouragement for him to continue. But he says he had fears that people might not love the album.

Talking about his latest offering, the Usasazo High School English teacher says his latest album talks about the glory of God and his wonderful mercy.

Describing the album, he says it seeks to encourage people to never underestimate the power of God.

Jalamba says the title itself explains that God knows us all and he sees the challenges that people are facing.

He says the album calls upon people not to think that God has forsaken them or does not care about them.

He says the album hopes to revive people’s faith while encouraging them to soldier on despite their endless challenges.

Jalamba had more 30 songs to choose from for the album and he picked which ones were most fitting.

He says it took him three days to record the album and he featured local artists such as Jongi and his long time friend, Anele Buka.

He says when he composes songs, there is always a personal a touch to it.

“I never pictured myself as lead singer or having my own album. I never wanted to be a leader singer. I enjoyed being a backing vocalist because I saw that as making an extra income. But I later discovered that this is one of my callings. Through music we praise God. God can count our hair. He knew us before we were born. And who are we to question his power? This is a motivational album. Through this album I want to inspire other people to not throw in the towel despite their challenges. When you listen to this album, you should be feel empowered and ready to tackle the world. Faith never disappoints,” he said.

Jalamaba said he started as a backing vocalist for the late Reverend Nkomfa who showed him the ins and out of the industry.

He says Reverend Nkomfa then recommended him to other well known artists as a backing vocalist and that developed into a passion. He says he plans to host the official launch of the album around May and wants to grow his ministry.