Gospel duo fuels hope

Sihlanu and Jongie have promised their fans better things to come after the Covid-19 pandemic.

A gospel duo from Langa has released a single with two songs in response to the pandemic and the situation the world finds itself in.

Jongie Magaba and Sihlanu Tshaka wrote Thembalimbi (We have no hope beside you) and Uthuleleni Thixo (Why is God quiet) which question God during these trying times.

They are optimistic that things will soon start to change.

Speaking to Vukani a week after the release of the songs, Jongie and Sihlanu said the virus has taught them to live life to the fullest, but more importantly, to be compassionate and considerate.

“The pandemic has changed how we see life. It showed us that we need to approach life in a different way. We then decided to come up with a single because of financial constraints.

“It has been hard on our side as artists but we could not sit and do nothing. We had to inspire people. We have missed our fans during the strict lockdown. Surely they missed us too. We then wrote for them, to give them hope,” said Sihlanu.

Jongie and Sihlanu have been together for 15 years with five albums under their belt.

Jongie said the single will give their fans something to think about.

He said it was time for them to pick up the pieces.

“We are giving hope to our fans. Remember there has been a lot happening during this time. Rape is high and gender-based violence seemed to be out of hand. This was a painful year for all of us. That is why we are asking the Almighty some questions.

But even so, we are saying there is no better hope than God. He put us in this and it is the same God that will take us out,” he said.

Jongie and Sihlanu recently held a concert in Langa to announce their new offering to the fans.

The single is now available at all music stores.