Duo releases maskandi album

AmaxhosAmahle on stage.

Not every one gets the opportunity to follow their passion but Amaxhos’Amahle, the newbies on the Maskandi scene are extremely excited that they have managed to release their first album, titled Intakampuku.

The two, who hail from neighbouring towns in the Eastern Cape but now live in Philippi, have been working on their first album for some time. Buhle Phalaza and Vuyolwethu Silwane told Vukani that for years they had been struggling to record their album but their perseverance and unwavering dedication had been the key factor in their journey. Buhle, who hails from Engcobo, said he had grown up listening to maskandi music — and developed a deep love for it.

He adds that as young men growing up next to artists such as guitarist Magnet, had inspired them to launch their careers.

He said they tried to establish a sound that was different from other maskandi music and that rather than imitating other artists, they were forging their own path in the industry. He said their music was aimed at preaching the gospel of love, peace, hope and unity through their unique sounds.

He said their songs were mostly inspired by things happening in the society and country at large.

Buhle said as young people in the industry they just wanted people to appreciate their music and sounds.

“We cater for all ages. We share tips to parents on how to raise their children in this era. We talk about issues facing our communities. Maskandi is no outdated.

“We struggled a lot about to enter into this genre. acquired knowledge about ways to enter this genre and yet we still battled. We battle to acquire radio airplay and we hope this opens many doors for us,” he said.

Vuyolwethu who hails from Mthatha, said while their was a growing trend in the industry for artists to swear at each other or attack others through their songs, their music contained no vulgarities.

Talking about the challenges, he told Vukani that, as independent artists, it was extremely difficult to promote their album without any strong financial backing or regular bookings. Despite this, however, he still believed they were on the right track and in the next five years they want to have grown their brand and hopefully have a clothing label.