Driemanskap back with a bang


Popular rap group, Driemanskap, are back with their second album titled Hlala Nam.

The making of the album has been a passion project for the group since 2012 as they wanted to ensure that it embodies everything they stand for.

Redondo, El Nino, Ma-B and DLA decided to title the album Hlala Nam to emphasise their belief that God is always with them. 

“We also chose the title of the album to acknowledge and celebrate our fans that have stuck with us throughout the years”, says Redondo.

The album features a number of artists including YoungstaCPT on We Don’t Give a What.

The 18-track album takes you on a journey of what the group has been through over the years. “I hope the album makes the listeners feel more drawn to us and want to continue this journey with us because we are nothing without them,” says Ma-B.

The album Hlala Nam is available on all music digital platforms.