Covid-19: Relief fund for artists

Tumsa member Zami Mdingi.
Trade Union of Musicians of South Africa (TUMSA) says it is in the process of claiming a Covid-19 emergency rescue relief fund for performing artists.

Tumsa member, Zami Mdingi, said since the occupation of the working musician is one of the most economically vulnerable and unprotected in the country they must benefit in the relief fund.

“Musicians, actors and the like are all self-employed entrepreneurs who live from month-to-month with no absolute knowledge what they would have at the end of each month to care for themselves and families with regards to even the most basic of the household expenses like food, rent, transport and kids to school,” she said.

Mdingi said they want all active artists to register online so that they formulate a database.

“We need to connect with the government and private corporate sectors so that they can provide aid during this Covid-19 period. We were requested to provide a database of all musicians and artists. We are having negotiations that will see artists getting monthly funding and the postponement of bills to be given a waiting period during this time,” she said.

She called on all people operating in the entertainment industry to register. Musicians, event organisers and managers can register online or by sending a WhatsApp message to 073 306 4780 or via email to for membership or for other inquiries.