Biza Wethu from Khikhi unleashes new single

Mandilakhe aka Mr Mandi September, Sinethemba Booi affectionately known as Biza Wethu and Tembela Fatiso ,all from BW Productions.

What you will quickly sense from talking to Sinethemba Booi affectionately known as Biza Wethu are his shyness and hunger for success.  

The 28-year-old from Khikhi in Gugulethu has been slowly making a name for himself in the music industry with his numerous hit songs. The quiet and soft-spoken artist has recently released his latest single called Nguwe Themba lam. He says his latest single talks about love and the importance of taking care of your loved ones.

In his latest offerings, he featured Anelisa N, Six DreamChaser and Bhana Vocalist and he plans to drop a full album around June.

Talking about his musical journey, he says he started Deejaying in 2006 but he had no intention of taking it further because he was doing it for fun. At that time, he says, Deejaying seemed like a fashionable thing to do and DJs were getting all the attention in the area.

However, he quickly developed deep passion and love for it.

He tells Vukani that, after he completed his schooling, he enrolled at Sivuyile College in Gugulethu where he was studying business management but due to financial constraints he was forced to drop out. He then focused on making music full-time and worked extremely hard to make it in the industry. But it has been a rollercoaster of emotions and the journey was way tougher than he expected it to be, he says.

Recalling the challenges he has faced, he says, rejections and not having access to a proper recording studio made things difficult for him. And being an independent artist it was extremely difficult to get bookings and to sell his music.

However, he says, in 2016 things started looking up when he released his single, Ndize.

That song, he says, opened up many doors for him in the country and helped raise his profile as a musician, with Ndize getting lots of airplay on local and national radio stations, and becoming a hit. Reflecting on his success, he says when he entered into this highly competitive industry, he never doubted his skills but he knew that he needed to work extremely hard to make it.

He has one album under his belt and he has released a couple of EPs together with a dozen of singles. “This is one of the most hostile industries, especially for up-and-coming artists. No one wants to give up-and-coming artists an opportunity and you literally have to fight for your chance. “If I did not a have solid support system I would have given up a long time ago but my family has been my rock. “Its very hard to crack it in this industry. You spend many sleepless nights trying to figure out ways to get your music out there. Being undermined and rejected is a painful experience that I had to deal with,” he said. Biza Wethu says he has split his one-roomed hostel bed room into a recording studio and that is where he creates his music. He has also established his own record label called BW Productions.

He adds that sharing a stage with DJ Tira on a number of occasions counted among his career highlights so far. About future plans, he says he hopes to eventually be able to give up-and-coming artists an opportunity to launch their careers.