Anthem scoops two awards

Saalim Ismail, a former Steenberg resident who now lives in Muizenberg, wrote “We Are Survivors (Singabasindileyo)” to spread a message of hope during the pandemic.

The South African anthem “We Are Survivors (Singabasindileyo)” has won both the regional 021 Award and national City Award for “Song of the Year” 2021!

The song was written by Saalim Ismail and produced by Tasleem Karriem, and brought together independent music artists and creatives to spread the message of hope, unity and equality during the trying times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Performing the track are Ismail, Vicky Sampson, Jéan Citto, Andréas Tabumuntu, Xola Toto, Zoe Zana, Celest Florence, Julian Hurley, Cheswyn Ray, Miché Beneke, Ameer Hendricks and Micaela Kleinsmith.

The music video features some well-known faces such as actor Siv Ngesi and chef Jenny Morris, and also includes the disabled and the deaf singing in sign language.

The City Awards recognises the contribution towards the entertainment industry by independent entertainment professionals and creatives.

“Being an independent entertainment professional is hard work and requires a lot of perseverance and patience. I am humbled and grateful to those who are supporting me and have joined me on this musical journey. This award is as much theirs as it is mine, and I thank them for believing in me,” says Ismail.

“I wish to encourage my fellow independent entertainment professionals to keep pushing forward, support each other and build relationships, and for the media to form part of our journey by shifting their focus on us in order to grow.”

You can watch the video on YouTube.