Abanqobi Bezizwe release new album

Abanqobi Bezizwe

The newly formed Abanqobi Bezizwe Maskandi group has released an album titled Vumani, which has been featured on many radio stations across the country.

The group consists of Solomzi Ntoyonke, known as Bapushe, Mzuyenza Sam aka Soundmind and Phuthuma Ntamo known as Scorpion.

The trio had released their own albums and created a name for themselves individually before deciding to combine their talent, knowledge and skills.

The album has been well received by maskandi lovers.

In an interview with Vukani on Saturday February 23, in Gugulethu, the group said that they felt it was fitting to put their voices together and create the group.

They said they discovered that audiences enjoyed collaborations. Bapushe said the group was authentic and brings a different perspective to the genre.

The 29-year-old said their 15-track album caters for everyone. He said the album talks about the daily challenges which people face while it also aims to bring hope and love.

He says their songs carry a powerful message and seek to bring upliftment.

He said the great thing about them was that everyone writes from his own experience and that enables them to bring together their creativity and different life experiences.

He said maskandi music has evolved and has been modernised with a number of young people developing an interest in it.

He said maskandi was one of the most competitive genres and requires them to push themselves to cement their name in the industry.

“Maskandi music is close to my heart. It talks about my culture and heritage.

It preserves our cultural identities and teaches people to embrace their culture.

“This music heals our souls and connects us with our roots. We want to be among the best groups in the country. We want to conquer the industry but we can only do that if people support us,” he said.

Soundmind said they had worked together before on many projects and it simply felt right that they form the group.

He said they completely understood each other’s styles, abilities and that makes it easier to work together.

He said music has its own challenges but that has done little to dampen their spirit and they understand that their musical journey won’t be an easy road.

He said that some challenges were that they were not signed by any company and are currently distributing their albums themselves.

However, he quickly pointed out that the support they had received so far was amazing and it was their daily motivation to keep making music.

He said another major challenge was that as maskandi singers it was extremely difficult to get bookings. He said currently they were busy promoting the album hoping they would get bookings.

But Soundmind said he understands that it takes time for any artist to establish themselves.

He said their aim was to help people enjoy good music.

For bookings you can contact their manager Sabelo Tolbard on 083 547 7728.